Open Top Shipping Container

New Open Top Shipping Containers Sale

Open Top Shipping Container Sale


For oversized cargo, Open Top shipping containers are ideal. Top and front/door loading available. Removable bows and tarpaulins provided to protect cargo from weather conditions. Fitted with lashing rings on the 4 corner posts, top side rails and bottom side rails ensuring maximum security of your cargo. Commonly used for shipping machinery, tractors, steel pipes/bars/cables and factory equipment, just to name a few.

Removable Roof Bows Available as 20 ft and 40 ft open top shipping containers
Shipping Containers Removable roof bows
Shipping Containers Sale Plywood floors
Portable Buildings Swinging, removable header, which enables unrestricted loading of over sided cargo
Security Padlock Heavy duty Tarpaulins


External Dimensions 20' 40'
Internal length 5,902 mm 12,036 mm
Internal width 2,352 mm 2,352 mm
Internal height 2,348 mm 2,348 mm
Door opening width 2,340 mm 2.340 mm
Door opening height 2,280 mm 2,280 mm
Roof aperture length 5,674 mm 11,798 mm
Roof aperture width 2,252 mm 2,252 mm
Tare weight (approx) 2,200 kg 3,880 kg
Payload 28,260 kg 26,600 kg
Maximum gross weight 30,480 kg 30,480 kg

N.B. Specifications may vary between shipping container manufacturers so these measurements are a close indicative.