External Length 6,058 mm
External Width 2,438 mm
External Height 2,591 mm
Internal Length 5,898 mm
Internal Width 2,288 mm
Internal Height 2,301 mm
Side Door Opening Length 5,702 mm
Side Door Opening Height 2,191 mm
End Door Opening Width 2,281 mm
End Door Opening Height 2,191 mm
Tare (approx) 3,200 kg
Cubic Capacity   31 m³
Max Payload 20,800 kg
Max Gross Weight   24,000 kg


Single Side Opening  Load pallets & cargo from one side More efficient Loading & unloading
Fully Lockable Protect your freight & cargo Reduce cargo losses due to theft
Wind & Water Tight  Limit damage due to the elements Reduce cargo damage due to weather



NB: Specifications may vary between manufacturers and as a result these measurements are to be used as a guide only.