PT. Amitra Wahid Group can supply heavy duty, 2 Pallet Wide Bulker containers. Features include: letterbox hatches, roof hatches with internal release, smooth walls, and sufficient width to place 2 pallets side by side. The Bulker Sea Cell design ensures that these units are compatible with all modes of transport: rail, train, and International shipping.

20’ PWHC BULKER (Pallet Wide High Cube)

External length 6058 mm
External width 2462 mm
External height 2896 mm , 5857 mm
Internal length 5837 mm
Internal width 2380 mm
Internal height 2688 mm
Tare 2950 kg
Max Payload 32050 kg
Max Gross 35000 kg
Cubic Space 37.5 m³



* All measurements are intended as a guide only as each manufacturer may vary.